Robinia Playground Equipment

Our robinia playground equipment range retains the natural form of the tree with natural twists and curves, creating play equipment that has an intrinsically organic feel. We design and build all of our robinia playground equipment at our workshop in West Sussex meaning we can adjust our designs to your needs. Within our range we have climbing frames, climbing nets, hammocks, play huts, swings, trim trails, teepees and more. If you don’t see something you are after in our range let us know and we can design and build it for you.

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Robinia Timber

Duncan & Grove only use the highest-quality robinia for the manufacture of our products. Robinia is naturally very durable with a life span in excess of 25 years in ground contact and as such does not require chemical treatment. All of the robinia used in our robinia playground equipment goes through a rigorous four step pre-treatment process to ensure it is of the highest quality. We offer a 15 years guarantee for robinia in ground contact and a 20 year guarantee for robinia out of ground contact.

Step 1 – Resting

Our robinia poles are left to rest for a period so that pieces predisposed to splitting can be selected out. This step is crucial as it significantly reduces the risk of the robinia poles we manufacture our robinia playground equipment from developing large cracks.

Step 2 – Debarking

Bark and sapwood are not durable and if let on the timber will quickly rot. We remove all of the bark and sapwood from our robinia before sanding it smooth.

Step 3 – Knot Removal

All knots are assessed by drilling out the knot to determine the depth of the knot and if the timber is sound. If the knot is too large then the timber is rejected. Small knots are removed, the area around the knot treated and the knot plugged with hardwood timber dowel. We do not use filler as it is not a durable solution outdoors.

Step 4 – Cross Bolting

The robinia poles necessarily contain the boxed-heart of the wood and so there is a chance they may split to some extent. The worst are selected out during the resting period but to reduce the extent of splitting further we cross bolt all of the ends of our poles with stainless steel bolts.

Steel Footings

We recommend the use of steel footings when installing robinia playground equipment. The main factor determining the life span of robinia playground equipment is the robinia poles rotting at the point where they meet the ground. Although robinia is naturally durable by using steel footings and lifting the timber out of  ground contact you can significantly increase the longevity of the playground equipment.

Stainless Fixings

We use high-quality stainless steel fixings for all of our robinia playground equipment. We use stainless steel domed nuts instead of plastic nut caps as these are more durable and attractive.

Ropes & Nets

We manufacture all of our ropes and nets in house using wire reinforced polypropylene rope, aluminium ferrules, stainless steel clips, stainless steel chain and stainless steel connections.  Ropes and nets can be expected to last 5 years or more but they will be the fastest wearing part of a piece of playground equipment and so will require maintenance and replacement. Our nets are designed to last but are also quick and easy to remove and replace.

Robinia Playground Equipment
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Robinia Timber
20 year guarantee
Cross Bolted
Reduces extent of splitting
Steel Footings
30 year guarantee
Stainless Steel Fixings
30 year guarantee