Quality and durability are at the heart of what Duncan & Grove do. We use high-quality durable materials to manufacture play equipment that is built to last and easy to maintain.

30 Year Warranty

  • Galvanised steel shoes and plates
  • Galvanised structural parts
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Stainless steel slides, fireman’s poles, monkey bars, ladder runs and other custom stainless steel play items

20 Year Warranty

  • Sawn oak timbers out of ground contact, including oak uprights supported by steel shoes
  • Robinia timbers out of ground contact, including robinia uprights supported by steel shoes

15 Year Warranty

  • Sawn oak beams in ground contact
  • Robinia in ground contact
  • Larch out of ground contact

5 Year Warranty

  • On concrete products. Does not cover minor chips, hairline cracks or efflorescence.
  • Painted metal parts
  • Surface finish of steel components; hot galvanization
  • Wet pour and tiger mulch safety surfaces

2 Year Warranty

  • Movable metal parts.
  • Steel reinforced nets and ropes.
  • Seats and hangers.
  • Steel chains.

Spare Parts

All spare parts are available for twenty years even after a line is discontinued. Common spares are stocked in the UK for a 2-5 day delivery.