Playground Equipment – Pine Tree Wilderness

Location:  Kew Gardens, London
Client: Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew
Architect:  Ground Control
Value: 77,000

The Pine Tree Wilderness is one of five zones of the new Children’s Garden at the Royal Botanical Gardens. Kew. It is part of the theme ‘What Do Plants Need to Grow’ and was designed in collaboration between Kew Gardens, Ground Control, and Duncan & Grove. It was aimed at providing more challenging play opportunities for older and more able children.

Duncan & Grove installed a range of playground equipment including a large robinia climbing frame, stilted balance beams, a log net bridge, tunnel net, log climbing frame, twisted climbing net trail, climbing tree trunks, climbing stilts, traversing ropes, a log scramble, and stepping stumps. All of the play equipment was made from debarked and sapwood free robinia poles.

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