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Indoor Slides

Slides in offices or bespoke slides to fit a home interior are increasingly popular. Whether you are trying to get your kids to be more active or you think your co-workers spend too much time navagating the stairs we could suggest a bespoke tube slide to encourage them out of bed in the morning or perhaps a slide with a few twists and turns to speed their return from the coffee machine.

As well as conforming to British & European standard EN 1176 our 20 years experience in metal fabrication and polishing ensures a high level of accuracy and aesthetic finish. We offer satin polished or bright polished as a finish.

Our bespoke slides are manufactured from stainless steel grade 304 and this provides extra corrosive resistance from dog urine and other playground pollutants. All our bespoke slides are constructed from 2mm stainless steel sheet with continuous welds on all seams. All welds are cleaned, dressed and fully polished.

Get in contact with us and we will happily provide you with a quote for your project.

We also manufacture and install bespoke slides for playgrounds and gardens. These are perfect for giving your playground a unique centre piece

We also offer a range of climbing frames with slides built with a high quality finish in either oak, robinia or steel.

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